Friday, August 27, 2010

Fourth of July

It's starting to become an annual Independence Day tradition for us to go to All-Natural Mama's house for a huge binge-fest of delicious food and drink.

From there we head small town just north of us to enjoy their live band and fantastic fireworks display.
Gabe had fun "conducting" the band. I was gratified to notice that he has a very good sense of rhythm. (Thankfully, in that respect he doesn't take after Handyman.)
(You might wish to pause the music player on the right sidebar before playing the video clip.)

Some well-meaning but misguided person (who must not have boys) passed out flags to all the children. The children immediately started waving the flags around and using them as swords and lances. Patriotic.

We had just settled down to watch the fireworks display when it began to rain in a downpour. By the time we packed up our chairs and walked the distance back to our vehicle, we were all soaked to the skin.
Oh well, the soaking just added to the memorable event!


Ellen said...

I remember that celebration when we went there a few years back. Yes I can see where the flags could be a disaster in the hands of little boys! Each year I pass out butterfly nets for the butterfly labs and I wait till the very end so I don't have to deal with it. I see the look of horror on the mother's faces as their child explores the many ways a net can be used as a tool to bludgeon their siblings...

TuttleTime said...

All I think about is that pizza from that 4th of July when I was up there. Yummmy. :) I love the photos and can't wait to when you scrapbook them.