Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Lynn and Jade!

My sister Lynn and her daughter (my niece) Jade have the same birthday. Isn't that cool?

I was a terrible auntie and forgot about Jade's birthday, but I did remember my sister's. *Sigh*. (Bonking head with heel of hand).

For Lynn I knitted a pair of socks, something which is starting to become something of a birthday habit for her. Hopefully she's not getting sick of them. If so, she can let me know and in the future I'll just keep them for me. (Insert evil laugh).

Lynn lives in Hotlanta, so this time I decided to knit her a pair of warm weather socks. The yarn is called TOFUtsies, and is a funky blend of soy, cotton, wool, and chitin, a fiber created from shrimp and crab shells.
(Yes, I know, that sounds odd, if not disgusting. I hate seafood, but I'll take it in yarn form.)

Anyway, the yarn is very soft, and has a lot of drape too it, making the socks cool and comfortable for summer wear. The chitin is anti-bacterial, so sweaty feet feel cooler and less stinky (although I'm not saying at all that my sister has sweaty or stinky feet. I'm just giving yarn facts, not specific feet facts here.)

I decided to try knitting the Leyburn Socks pattern, but I converted it to top-down instead of toe-up. (I have an inward aversion to toe-up. The phrase "Toe's Up" has a morbid connotation to me.)

I'm sort of meh about the pattern. I could be that it knitted up a lot looser than I was expecting, and I had to rip out the whole sock and start again. It could also be that this yarn is just floppy wimpy stuff to work with and I generally prefer socks that will get up off the floor and walk themselves to the laundry basket. (Of course, I do live in the Frigid North, where socks are forced to do battle with horrific temperatures of tundra-esque proportions.)

Anyway, they're off to Lynn's house where hopefully they'll find a happy home. I'm reserving judgment about the Leyburn pattern till I can try it again with a different yarn.

(That's right Leyburn, I have my eye on you, so you just watch yourself.)

Happy birthday Lynn!


Sereknitty said...

Pretty colour and pattern!

Harris Hawaiian said...

Never would I get sick of any gift that is homemade by my sweet and thoughtful sister!! Thanks again for the sweet gift (which somehow magically disappeared and I found in Brianna's room - mystery has yet to be solved but Rob claims he accidentally put it in her room...although I think Brianna put it her room) :)