Friday, September 3, 2010

Snowflower Socks

These are my very first pair of fair isle socks, and I'm so pleased with how pretty they are! The pattern by Suzi Anvin is a toe-up pattern, but I found it wasn't difficult to alter it to knit it top-down (my preferred method of knitting socks).
My usual gauge for knitting socks requires that I use a size 2 needle, but apparently my gauge changes quite a bit when knitting fair isle, because these socks are a bit of a squeeze to get on.

Once they've been slipped past the heel (I worked a short row heel, which is different than the slipped-stitch heel that I usually prefer), they fit nice and snugly, which is how I like socks the best. Perhaps the tighter fit is just due to the fact that fair isle isn't as stretchy as regular knit fabric?
One of the great things about knitting this pattern is that it only used up .4 of the skein of purple Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic (the more expensive of the two yarns). I have plenty left over to knit another pair for myself, if I ever the get time to knit another pair of socks for non-gifting purposes. (This pair is a Christmas gift for - - - - - - -)

So fun to knit! I hope the recipient likes them as much as I do!
(Because if they don't I'm keeping them.)


All Natural Mama said...

Love them. I especially like the contrasting stipes on the bottom!

Nikki said...

I do Rachel, I do love you can spare yourself the next 3 months and just give them to me now. Really, its in both of our best interests.... :)

Ellen said...

These are the COOLEST socks! I love the pattern and colors. They look so comfy.

Jodie said...

Lovely! The Fairisle will definitely make it less stretchy. Also depends on how loose the floats are. Nice that you'll be able to make a pair for yourself!