Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tractor Time!

Handyman's parents live in the country, and often when we visit them Grandpa takes the kids for a ride on his tractor and wagon.

I think that this sort of tractor is called a Massey Harris Pony. I know this because I am adept at all things mechanic and tractorish.

(I would also like to mention that I once had to tell my auto mechanic that we had a van and it was white. That was my answer to his query about the make and model of our vehicle.)

Grandpa likes to take interesting routes through the countryside, and occasionally is a bit devious as to how sharp a turn he takes.
Grandpa looks innocent, but he's not. After all, he did sire Handyman who inherited his father's devious nature.
(Handyman also passed on this family trait to his son.)