Friday, October 1, 2010

The Evil Times

The kids have been learning about the Medieval Period in school, and Miss Boo has taken to calling it the "Evil Period".

As a fun excursion when my parents were here, we went to the Medieval Times dinner show (or the "Evil Times", depending on whom you talk to).

(Henceforth from this moment mine language must needs vacillate toward that most ancient and beauteous tongue as spoken by mine ancestors from the Medieval Period.  I do beg thy patience and request that mine writ be eyed with yon corny accents of England.)
As perforce none of mine company had ne'er chanced upon such adventure as came upon us that eve, we were anon surprised to discover that crowns of beauteous and azure a mien were gifted upon our heads.  With great rejoicing of countenance we did learn that our champion was that most chivalrous and steadfast Knight of the Azure Kirtle (i.e. the Blue Knight).

A banquet of great purport was placed before us and with gladdened hearts and merry stomachs did we set to eating that feast with our utensils of  flesh. (i.e. we ate with our fingers.)

While mine company dined most lavishly upon our sumptuous repast, the tourney commenced with fanfare of great music which was delightful to mine ears, trumpeting forth the sweet songs that must needs accompany such deeds of valor as did forthwith ensue.

The dreaded Knight of the Green Lawn, that most unworthy knave and unchilvarous coward as did e'er set bottom upon horse did battle with the noble knights of the king's court.

In midst of the tourney, e'er long the Knight of the Azure Kirtle did bestow tokens of his favor upon maidens of fair face and virtue.  With bright eye and happy mien did the Princess Boo find herself as being one of that happy company.  (i.e. The Blue Knight periodically came out to throw carnations to the crowd, and Miss Boo was absolutely thrilled that he threw a "rose" directly in her lap.  The Blue Knight, despite his valor most brave and noble, most likely decided it was best not to mess with Miss Boo's Grammy, who was pointedly waving her arms over Miss Boo the entire time and shouting, "Over HERE!!!")

That most generous of nobles, the Knight of the Azure Kirtle, must needs have seen the inner beauty of mine daughter, as her accounts did anon belie behavior as fitting a Princess.


Harris Hawaiian said...

Looks like a fun time! But I had several questions pop up as I was perusing over your pictures:

(group pic outside): whose took this lovely family picture? Gabe?

(inside group pic at your seats): again, no Gabe - was he escaping again?

(menu pic): how did you eat tomato bisque with your hands? :)

(last pic of Boo): is she picking her nose? LOL thus capturing the essence of princess etiquette??

Adorable pics! Miss you all!!

TuttleTime said...

Evil fun! :0) I love the photos..and your hair,Rach. So cool!!