Monday, October 4, 2010

Fit for a Princess

Occasionally I have the chance to sew an outfit for Miss Boo, and usually it's a dress.  My favorite dress pattern for her is McCall's MP334, because it so easily adapts to so many different styles.  (See here and here)

JoAnn's had some interesting fabrics on clearance, so I picked up a few yards to make a nice little princess dress for my little princess.

To make it seem more like a dress-up outfit than just another dress, I sewed ribbons on the front bodice in a cris-cross pattern
(Sorry the picture is sideways.  For some reason, Picassa won't let me save it right way up.)

That was really the only modification I made to the pattern, other than switching the fabrics for the over skirt and underskirt.

When we went to the Medieval Times, it was the perfect outfit for her to wear!
(The weather was a bit chilly, so she wore a turtleneck underneath)


Mizzle said...

How adorable!

I hardly even noticed the turtleneck in the picture... I think high necklines were pretty common back then?

Anyway, it looks awesome... Miss Boo is lucky to have a mom who sews her dresses like this!