Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mitered Drape Vest

Last Mother's Day, when I was fortunate enough to have gotten an entire day to myself, I stopped (surprised?) at a wonderful yarn shop called Unique Yarns.  While there I noticed their Mitered Drape Vest on display, and thought that it might be something that my Mum would like as a Christmas present.

Sadly, I was wrong.  

She didn't want to wait till Christmas.

When Mum and Dad came to visit a week ago, she somehow schnookered me into showing her what I had knit for her Christmas present, and I have to admit I was quite easily persuaded.  I was so afraid she wouldn't like it, but thankfully that wasn't a problem!

She paired it with a nice crisp white shirt, something I wouldn't have thought of, which turned out to be a stunning combination for a stunning woman.

 I used a striping yarn for the collar which made the vest have a somewhat bohemian/chic feel.  Personally the mis-matching sides of the vest drove me nuts, but I had a feeling it'd be perfect for my free-spirited Mum.

I did try to ensure that the striping colors balanced out by using the more pink shaded mitered squares were on the green/brown collar side and vice versa with the pink collared side.

Despite my lack of self-control in keeping this Christmas present hidden till Christmas, I did get a chance at redemption.

She accidentally left it behind when she flew back home to the Sunny South.

Bwaaaahhhh-haaaa haaaaaaaa!!!!!

(Translation: Evil laugh of sadistic glee)

- If you're thinking of knitting this or would like more pattern specs, click here to see the Ravelry page.


Becky Maselli said...

Rachel...It looks fabulous! I love the way the color worked for you. I did the same colorway in another Jane Slicer Smith pattern from her book: Swing, Swagger, Drape. I love it, and every time I wear it I get loads of compliments. People really like the colorway and the unexpected splash of pink, which makes it "pop". Thanks for sharing your finished project and story. Mum is a very lucky girl!
Becky Maselli, Unique Yarns, Inc., Rockford, IL.