Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hobo Bag

With Christmas right around the corner, I'm going to try to get more things listed in my Etsy shop in time for Christmas sales.
This is a Hobo bag that I made awhile ago but never got around to selling.  I made two, one of which I've kept for myself, and purse-anally (sorry about the pun *evil grin*), I love it.  I tend to dress in monotones or solid colors (is that redundant?), so it's nice to add a pop of color with a bag that seems to match everything.

Corduroy has such a wonderful texture, and this particular corduroy is thick and lusciously soft, as well as being nice and sturdy.

The inside is lined with a lovely soft muslin, and the entire thing is machine washable.  I've had my bag for a year now, and it still looks almost new.  (I say "almost", because the full cup of Starbucks coffee that spilled in my purse never did wash completely out.  Thankfully it didn't stain the outside.  What a waste of Starbucks; too bad I couldn't turn my purse into an IV drip bag, ha ha!)

If you're interested in this bag or other things that I have for sale, click here to check out my Etsy site.  Keep checking back, because I'll be listing more things within the next few days!

Special thanks to my friend Tania for being willing to model for me.  It's a good friend that will allow you to take photographs of her backside!


Anonymous said...

So nice! Your prices on that site are so low.... Should sell fast :)

Tuttle x 4 said...

This is such a cool bag!!! I know they'll sale fast. I love the brown and muted colors! Definitely needs to be paired with a shirt from Anthro and boots from Borhn (sp?)