Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Saturday morning we awoke to an amazing view from our cabin.

Oma sat on the front porch and talked to Opa on the phone and told him what a horrible time she was having and that he should pity all of us.

My Mum is one of those weird people who are morning larks, and when she's up bright and early, watch out.  Practical jokes are a genetic trait, and my genes come directly from my mother.

You'll need to view the post here to see the video, and you might want to pause the music player on the right sidebar first.

Lynn arrived around noon, and when I say, arrived, it should be pronounced as "Ahh-RIIIIVED".

She was only going to be able to come for the one night, so she brought the basic necessities.

During the day we just hung around the cabin and worked on our pet projects.  Mum analyzed the solar system,

Angie scrapbooked,

I quilted,

Oma gave me back rubs and watched a movie,

 and Lynn drank.

(Hee hee, younger siblings are such brats.)


Anonymous said...

Okay! Your Mom is a N.U.T! ;-) Tell her to stop taking so much Bee Pollen!!

It looks like you all had a wonderful time and I would love to know where your sister got that wine!! I have a few sisters and would love to give as a Christmas gift! Maggie H. ;-)

Harris Hawaiian said...

You are pure EVIIL.....I can't believe you posted that past out drunk pic of me.....proof that my high heels are bad for my awful feet (ewww) revenge is sweet my dear.