Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Gifts

It's a bit hard to knit baby gifts on top of all the Christmas knitting that I've been trying to crank out, but despite the load I've managed to almost finish Baby Noah's gift.

Everything's finished except his tail.  I know babies have cute bare bottoms, but this bunny cannot have a bare bottom.  That would be embarrassing for poor Bunny.  Besides, if a "tail is the pride and glory of a mouse" (quote from Reepicheep of the book Caspian from the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis), I cannot imagine it being any different for a bunny.

To keep both Bunny and Baby warm, I made a small blanket.  On one side a used fleece fabric, and on the other I sewed a nice slippery washable satin fabric. 

I followed the pattern exactly, but I made a small addition of a scarf.  Bunny just seemed to need a scarf.  It only took a bit of extra sock yarn, and along with turning out adorably cute, it gave me the satisfaction (and internal justification for) hanging on to a small bit of sock yarn that I would otherwise never have used.

Congratulations Niko and Jenny!


Renee said...

♥ it. And the cute little scarf is adorable!

angie said...

Oh my goodness, this knitted bunny is simply adorable!! I just came across your site searching for baby gifts. Wow, great job!

Baby gifts said...

Perfect gifts for Christmas ;)

TuttleTimes said...

What a completely adorable ADORABLE bunny!!!! I love it and I'm sure Noah and Mommy and Daddy will too. I believe I recall Jenny knits, too, so she will love it! How sweet of you to do that?! Stop it, you're making the rest of look really bad... LOL.