Monday, December 6, 2010

Coping with the Cold

Our furnace isn't working today, something which I only noticed around lunch time.

I was shivering my way through my usual morning routine, shivering being part of my usual routine, when it belatedly occurred to me that I was shivering more than is usually required by my usual routine.

I checked the thermostat.  It was set to 68, but the temperature reading was 55.

I checked it again, as math is not my strong suit, and perhaps, just perhaps, the cold had frozen more than my extremities.

Drat.  As I watched, as if it knew I was watching, the thermostat dropped another degree.

That settled it.

In the spirit of all beings brave and heroic, I cancelled music lessons, donned an extra hand-knit sweater, put on an audio book, got a steaming cup of coffee, and cuddled under the blankets.

Joan of Arc and I would have been great pals.


WELCOME TO TuttleTime! said... are such a "hoot!!!" I love it. I hope you find some warmth...get that hubby of yours to snuggle that'll keep things warm. ;)

Anonymous said...

We can be cold together Rach!


P.S. My heat should be fixed by the time I get home (Keeping fingers crossed)