Wednesday, January 26, 2011

December Sewing

The kids finished up their first semester of home school in early December, so that gave a little more free time from my usually busy (i.e chaotic/stressful/homicidally crazy) schedule to get some fun crafting done.

A friend at church had some beautiful vintage fabric that she asked me to turn into an apron for her, which I was able to finally get around to finishing.

She only had about 1 1/4 yards, and the entire time I cut out the apron I was thinking to myself, "Don't screw this up, don't screw this up, don't screw this up . . ."

Thankfully I didn't screw it up.

A bit of black trimming to accent the edges and a bit of black ribbon to add that vintage 50's flair to the pocket.

Voila!  Even I was thrilled with the results, which was amazing considering I'm never quite happy with anything I make.

This is another apron I made, which I ended up gifting to my SiL Kathy, who was going through a bit of a rough time.

I have to confess, I sent it to her only thinking of how the colors might look so nice in  her kitchen and how I was praying for her family, and completely missed the fact that the fabric has coffee beans on it.

Kathy doesn't drink coffee.

So, I just told her it was my way of subliminally trying to convert her.

This apron I sewed as a Christmas present for my friend Brianna.  Despite the depressed look on my face (I was going for poetically thoughtful, but mildly depressed and constipated was the best I could achieve) I was pleased with the finished product.  I used a thicker drapery fabric, so I wasn't sure if the flounce would drape nicely, but it did!

Best yet, I had enough fabric left over to sew myself a quick little tote bag.

I even had one last scrap of square from the vintage fabric to make an inside pocket!

This bag, however, was not quite to my liking, because I wasn't thinking and sewed the straps on front to back instead of side to side, which makes it feel awkward over the shoulder.

Oh well, at least it looks nice hanging up!


Ellen said...

I love those chickens. They don't make fabric like that anymore. So cool.

hakucho said...

I think those are cocoa beans on your sister's apron, but I maybe wrong?? Very cute :)