Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Bit Late. Just a Bit.

Last fall we had our friends Mark and Dasha come visit for a few days.

We figured this was an excellent excuse to have a little party.

The party was held at another friends' house.  (Those are the best kinds of parties).

The food was easy fare, but definitely delicious.  There's something to be said about hot dogs cooked by pyromaniacal little boys.

Who's idea was it to hand my thug of a daughter a hot projectile (meat?) attached to a pointy stick?

Dasha showed us her mad Ukrainian hot dog cooking skillz.  (Her skillz were mad, not the Ukrainian.)

Gabe did his best to pull his usual escape routine, but we were able to stop him in time (several times).  He kept trying to head south on his tricycle. 

Perhaps he was trying to get to Grammy's house . . .

Justin and Brianna (the friends who hosted the party) had just moved in a few days ago, so as a housewarming present I gave them a large pot filled with herbs.

The herbs are all dead now, but I told Brianna not to feel badly because I managed to kill my potted herbs before she did.

I brought along a peach/rhubarb pie (see recipe tutorial here), which for the first time I tried making in a 9x13" pan.  It worked out surprisingly well!

Good times with great friends!

. . . and little friends!


Anonymous said...

Cute! Looks like a wonderful time.
~~Commenting so you know I read~~ :D

Ellen said...

That's right Gabey, you keep heading south to Gammy's house. I miss your fat cheeks and curly hair!