Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miss Boo's Winter Hat

Way back in the Way Back of Yesteryear, I decided to try a brief stint of child sweatshop labor and force my children to dye their own yarn.  The idea was that I would use the yarn to knit cunning little hats for their cunning little heads.

That was the idea.

Have you noticed that not all my ideas work out?

Thankfully, despite the months (and months) of languishing in my stash, unloved and (semi-) forgotten, Miss Boo's attempt at hand dyeing yarn made it into a finished project.

I used her yarn and mixed it with some vivid nuclear reactor green Caron Simply Soft yarn and knitted up a Toasty Topper.  

Because the Toasty Topper pattern (while most excellent) isn't really written for a five year old head, I had to increase more than the pattern specified.  Unfortunately, I increased a bit too much and ended up with a hat that was slightly too large for my Miss Boo.  I know this because I was informed by Miss Boo that, "She liked the hat very much and loved the hat very much but she couldn't wear it because she couldn't see and kept falling in the snow which was something she did not love."

I almost frogged it, but thankfully last minute I noticed some lovely hot pink fleece remnant on sale at JoAnn Fabrics which I used to line the hat.  

To make the lining, I just laid one of Boo's stocking caps on top of the fabric (folded in half), and traced the stocking cap, being sure to leave a bit extra for 1) lack of stretch in fleece and 2) seam allowance. 

After that, I just turned it so that the wrong side would be next to the inside of the hat, and whip-stitched it around the edges. 

Finally, I used a bit more Caron Simply Soft (this time in matching neon pink) to crochet a flower to add to the side.

I used a button to help hold it on the hat, but the flower doesn't come off.  The button is merely an ornament.


Hopefully I'll finish Peter's hat before the snow all melts.  

That's the idea, at least.

See the beginning of this post for a reminder of how my ideas usually work out.


TuttleTime said...

I absolutely love this hat and hot it doubles for what looks like a scarf!!! How nice and toasty! That Boo...LOL. She reminds me of Simon Cowell with her assessment of the said hat.

Well, I am going to go all Paula on you and say I think it's simply fabulous and don't know what Simon is talking about. :) Great job...and I love the pink mixed with the radioactive green! :)