Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Metro en Route

Somewhere in the Frigid North, just slightly south of Freeze Your Eyeballs from the Cold and east of Decent Shopping, sightings of a mysterious knitted garment were sighted.

Reporters reported that a white Metro Cardigan was last seen speeding south in transit as a gift that was, according to various unnamed sources, gifted.

Suspect was reputed to be warm and extremely comfortable to wear, and was described as "putting up a hell of a fight" with the unsuspecting knitter who tried to subdue the knitted garment into a semblance of a cardigan.

Citizens are reminded to avoid unknown knitted garments that might be from disreputable sources (such as Wal-mart, K-mart, or Kohls) and report to the authorities anyone who shows signs of excessive Acrylic Overuse.

Reporting to you live from Yarn Over, this is Reporter AlohaKnitter signing off.

(Sorry, but I've been watching too much of my favorite TV show, Castle.  To see more helpful information about this cardigan, go to my Ravelry page here.)


Ellen said...

Are you ok? Maybe you need a vacation :)

Harris Hawaiian said...

LOL Rach - you're hilarious. and I LOVE my cardigan! :) you are so talented and amazing at knitting. Thanks so much for this fabulouso gift! XOXOX Love you!