Saturday, January 29, 2011


Quilting isn't really something I do all that often.  For one thing, I'm not a fan of geometric shapes, which most quilts seem to be comprised of.

Geometric shapes are too orderly.  Too precise.  Too boring.


However, when we were given a set of bunkbeds for the kids, I knew I needed to make Miss Boo and Peter blankets.  It's not exactly easy getting blankets that work for both boys and girls, so I opted for the always stylish Hawaiian print.

The last time I was in the Islands I had bought a few yards of aloha print cotton that I had planned to turn into matching outfits for our family.  As we were only a family of three at the time, I no longer had enough fabric to cover our entire family, unless we decided to don "official" local wear. (Don't you just love how we Hawaiians call it "The Islands" as though any other island is merely lower case i), 

I also bought a bunch of squares of differing aloha print fabrics, all pre-cut into matching squares.  Very convenient, and very cheap.  I love Kam Swap Meet.  Awesome place.

Finished project photos are coming soon.  I would have them now, but the stars have to be aligned just right in order for both kids to have their beds made neatly at the same time.


Anonymous said...

The swap meet is the best!! Mochi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!