Friday, February 4, 2011

A Lego Birthday Party

Peter celebrated his 7th birthday party, and since he is currently obsessed with Legos, it was an easy choice for a Lego Party Theme.

(Basically, I just recycle all the ideas from his very first party, except I put a spin on it depending on the theme.) 

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive I had coloring pages out for the boys to color.  Who knew Storm Troopers were so psychedelic?  I bet this particular Storm Dude embraced the Love. 

We were waiting quite a while for a little boy to show up who eventually never did, so in the meantime I let the boys build with Peter's Mega Blocks.

"Pin the Tail on the Donkey" became "Pin the Eye on the Lego Storm Trooper".

That made for a very Picasso-esque Lego.

We also had the prerequisite Lego Pinata.  Store-bought pinatas are ridiculously expensive, so I decided to improvise, and it worked fantastically!  I just bought a big extra-large box of cereal, dumped out the cereal to be eaten later, and filled it with candy/toys.  Then, I duct taped some very strong twine to the top in a loop so it would be able to hang, and then covered the outside with construction paper and a Lego logo that I just printed off from the internet.  Handyman was skeptical that my pinata would last one whack, but surprisingly, it lasted quite awhile! The cardboard of the cereal box was just strong enough to withstand concerted battering, but not so thick that it wouldn't ever break.
(Wreaking violent havoc on something is always a favorite past time.)       
We also did the "Find the Golden Lego" in the balloon game.  This involved splitting the boys up into two teams, and having them race to pop a balloon without using their arms or legs.  Hi-la-ri-ous.

Balloons make for cheap and easy entertainment, so I try to come up with as many games involving balloons as possible.  For the second balloon game, I tied one balloon onto each boy's ankle.  Then, they had to try to pop everyone else's balloon while keeping their own balloon safe.

Who knew boys could pirouette like that?!

At this point, the boys were waaaaaay too wound up, so I decided they needed to work off more steam.  Being an entertaining and Martha Stewart-esque mom (heh), I told them to run in circles.

This worked brilliantly until one poor little boy decided to try running in the opposite direction.  Sorry dude, but going against the flow is not a good idea when you're confronted with eight other maniacally crazed seven year old boys.

The next game we played had me laughing so hard it was difficult to take pictures.  I had all the kids lay on their tummies in a circle, and put little plastic toys in the middle of the circle.  Then, I gave each boy a sticky hand (which I'd gotten at the dollar tree), and they had to "fling" the hand out to try to snag as many toys/candy as possible. 

Finally, it was time for presents and dessert.  I just loved the way Peter's friend Gavin wrapped this present. 
He takes after his dad.

I didn't really feel all that inspired to make a Lego cake, so I just made cupcakes with sprinkles.  To make them fit the theme I printed out two concentric circles and put a 3-D Lego sticker in the center.  Then, I just taped the circle to a bamboo skewer (cut in half) and stuck them in the cupcakes.

Everyone seemed to have fun. . . .

. . . . especially my sweet Pete!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun and very noisy time!! Gavin should be one of those professional wrappers at the mall at Christmas time. Hilarious!

P.S. This means I read your blog. :D


Balloons said...

This is really great, i like it. Thank you sharing this blog.

TuttleTime said...

This is just too funny!!!! I can almost hear the screaming. They look like they had a blast. I miss the days of popping balloons and pin the tail or eye on things. Caleb has outgrown this, but Michelle may love all that. :)

Great job, Mama L. You rock!

Renee said...

Wow! What a fun party I'm sure that was! You are so creative... I love all your ideas. That pinata is amazing! I think I might try it...

All Natural Mama said...

Alex had a blast.
What a SERIOUSLY great idea for a pinata. We made one a few years ago the old paper mache way, and it was crazy time-consuming.
LOVE the cereal box idea!!!

Rachel said...

That is SO awesome! I totally need to do this... for my husband!!