Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Clan

The L. Clan is getting big enough that when we all get together, it's almost necessary to rent a place, as none of us L. women are quite insane enough to want to host a bunch of sports crazed men and tryptophan high children.

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Hey, look, two exceptionally good looking men!  What luck, they're both mine!  Mine mine mine mine mine.

Good looks run in the family.

They get it from my side.
(Just kidding Grandpa!)

See this dude?  Ladies, he's still single, and I have his address.  I think he's rich too.  For some odd reason he doesn't seem to want to share those details with his favorite Sister in Law.
(Well, actually, Handyman has his address, but Matt hasn't yet given him permission to share it with me.  I think Matt's afraid I'll TP his yard.  Silly man.  I'd much rather fork it.)

This is my Sister-in-Law Kathy the Thin.  No, she's not Kathy the Short, nor is she making fun of my height.  (Although she did that later.)  I think she's playing peek-a-boo with her son.

L. Women are exceptionally good at desserts.  I think it's a coping mechanism for dealing with L. men.

That's Brother in Law Preacher Joe, who is married to Kathy the Thin.

And Grandma the Great L.  She watched all the goings-on with a bit of wonder and amazement.  I don't think she's usually surrounded by such high levels of energy, but who knows what goes on at the Retreat?

Look at all those boys!  How did my Mother in Law ever retain her sanity?!

The blurry red dude on the left is my husband, Handyman of the White Legs.

(If you're wondering at my over-use of descriptive nomenclature, blame it on too much time spent on studying great historic personages.  One can only handle so much Peter the Great and Pepin the Short without breaking out with some nom de plume poetry.)


Anonymous said...

You are too funny!!!
Great pics!! Maybe I'm a narcissist (sp?) but I'd love it if you uploaded that pic of me to facebook and tagged it.
This was such a fun day. Can't wait to see you again soon!
Kathy the cracking up laughing