Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jedi Vikings

Last Halloween I happened to be at JoAnn Fabrics and noticed a two yard remnant of hairy looking fabric on sale for $6.  "Excellent", I thought.  "The latest in Viking Fashion Wear!"

So, a quick zip later, I had three little Viking vests made for three suitably blood-thirsty and candy-crazed children.

My particular Vikings insisted that Jedi light sabers were also part of the ensemble.

Apparently, according to Peter the Great, the reason why no light sabers have been discovered in ancient Viking ruins is that they are (duh!) Light sabers and therefore disintegrate in the ground when there is no light.

Who knew?

For this particular photo, I told the kids (ahem, VIKINGS) to look suitably Viking-esque.  Miss Boo immediately adopted her most intimidating expression, and Peter decided to defend himself against his sister.
(I think it's a remnant from First-Child-Dethroned-By-Younger-Sibling syndrome.)

We took the kids trick or treating at a few neighborhoods in town, but we also took them to a local park where the park district and volunteers for local business had set up booths for the kids.
This is a representation of a lung, I think.  The kids were suitably grossed out.

Gabe refused to wear his fur vest.  Apparently he's a Metro-Sexual Viking Jedi and fur is "so last season".

The kids got to make Goo . . . .

. . . . and Peter got to touch some sort of object that made his hair stand up.  I was hoping his vest would also spectacularly inflate, but no such luck.

Their favorite part of the trick or treating was getting to ride the barrel train.

Ships, trains, it doesn't matter.  It's all good to a Viking Jedi!


TuttleTime said...

Surely this was not during the blizzardy winter! I love the Viking get-up. You just feed those kids imaginations, don't you?! What a great mom you are...