Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Days

When we were celebrating a lovely Christmas down south with my family in Atlanta, we were "lucky" enough to have a white Christmas.  Handyman and I had a quiet chuckle to ourselves at the mass hysteria that could be induced by 3 inches of snow (okay, let's be honest, we had an out-and-out guffaw of pure derision).

I found these pictures of a six inch snowfall that we had gotten a few days before Christmas back here in the Frigid North.

School was not canceled.

Bread, milk, and eggs were still available in the grocery stores.

The weatherman barely bothered to mention it.

Southern Sissies.

(Drat.  Does this mean I've become a Yankee?  Heaven forbid!!!!)


Rachel said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... but we enjoy our snow a whole lot more than y'all enjoy yours!! :)