Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Over-doing the Multi-tasking

Did you have a nice Christmas and New Years?  I certainly did, and I promise that I will soon reappear with lots of pictures.

(As soon as I unpack my camera, which could take awhile.)

Today I find myself contemplating with some fondness the simplicity of knitting.  This morning, as I was 1) trying to clean the kitchen while 2) making breakfast while 3) teaching the kids school while 4) folding laundry while 5) starting the dinner in the crockpot while 6) dreading all the other things I had still to tackle while 7) trying to keep the kids from tackling each other, I realized that I needed a quick moment to detox myself from myself.

Knitting, despite the complexity of the projects that can be produced, is quite simply done one stitch at a time.  That stitch is either knitted or purled, but it has to be one of the two.

Stitch by stitch, the needles in my hands create a gentle rythm that is my personal ohm of zen.

Knitting is my center of calm in the chaos that is my life.

(It's also much easier to get my kids to give me a moment of peace if I'm wielding sharp pointy objects.)


TuttleTimes said...

I just love this post...I immediately pictured you as Buddha (you know, how Opa used to call you) holding a ball of yarn and knitting needles! We all need our outlet and escape...I happen to love yours, because I get some very awesome wares out of the deal! So knit on, Sista! :)

I have a very similar problem..."Help, I can't do or think one thing at a time." It's true. I find it absolutely impossible to do one thing at a time. I am sure this affects the quality of what I'm doing, but boy do I get ALOT done! :)