Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm In Love with Edward

 No, not that Edward.

This Edward.

My previous dishwasher (now deceased) had to be replaced, so my Handyman did the prerequisite manly thing and kindly bought me a new dishwasher.

He also did the prerequisite plumber "thing" while installing Edward under my countertop.

(I have no shame.  Before you react with too much outrage, however, know that I obtained permission before posting above photo.)

Now you are probably wondering why I call my dishwasher Edward.  (You are also most likely wondering why I name my appliances in the first place, but that I can comfortably blame on genetics.  It's my Opa's fault.)

First of all, my Edward, like the literary one, has fangs.

Secondly, it's pasty white and glitters in the sun.

Thirdly, there's nothing so handsome as a man doing dishes.

The final reason?  Because both the literary and appliance Edward elicit the same reaction from my Handyman.


Dawn Grisley said...

clearly you are a genius and need to be commended for naming your dishwasher Edward....I highly approve.