Saturday, February 26, 2011


A few days ago I posted about my Cassidy Hoodie that I had to frog, but I didn't really post many finished pictures.  On the whole, I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and I'm very glad that I did the extra work of frogging and re-knitting it to fit.

I was all set to pick out my usual plain monochromatic buttons, but these orange buttons popped out at me and were so cheerful that I had to use them.

I made some modifications to the usual pattern, namely with the sleeves and the hood.  I personally hate hoods (why have them if they're just for decorative use?), so I followed advice from another Raveler and made a large collar instead, which I really like.

I'm glad I didn't knit the full sleeve length, because I find that a regular sweater is just too warm for me most of the time.  However, I think perhaps that if I knit this again I'll knit either a 3/4 length sleeve or just make it a sleeveless vest.  There's just something "bunchy" about the sleeve cuffs that irritates me.

I love the look of the cables, though, and I think I might keep this pattern to knit again for myself in a different color or as a Christmas gift.

(More detailed knitting specifics can be found here.)


Rachel said...

That's gorgeous!! I love it!!

Jen said...

Forget those buttons, show me those EARRINGS!