Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Helga, My New BFF

 . . . my new Kitchenaid Mixer/Mom's BFF.

My Handyman knew I had been wanting one for forever, and being his usual deal-sniffing self, managed to get me a Professional 600 series with a heavy duty motor and a 6 quart bowl for - wait for it -

- $200.

(Try not to hate me too much.)

That's the price of the smaller ones!  My Kitchenaid usually sells for $400!

I name my appliances (as you might know from this post about Edward), and so I've named my Kitchenaid Helga.

Why Helga?

Because she has a strong arm and if Helga could sing while beating the - - - -  out of cookie batter I'm sure she'd be a heavy-set soprano singing Wagnerian opera arias.


Karrie said...

With that hair and those horns she does look like a Helga !

TuttleTime said...

I think you and I are the only women who don't mind Valentine's (or bday) gifts that plug in! :) I laughed out loud at the viking helmet and braids! Helga is a great name...

Renee said...

Wowsers! What a steal! Kudos to him! I can't believe that such a kitchen diva as yourself didn't already have one of these! You definitely deserve it!

Deb said...

She's lovely! And you're hilarious! ;-)