Sunday, April 10, 2011

Denise Needles vs. Knitpicks Options

Several years ago, shortly after I realized that my addiction to knitting was going to be a long lasting sort of relationship, I made the $50 investment and bought a set of Denise Needles

It was a wonderful decision, and I've never regretted it.  Being able to have practically every needle size contained into a small box is invaluable on so many levels, not least of which it cuts down on the potentially lethal pointy implements sticking out of knitting bags.

The only thing about the set that I'm not 100% thrilled about is the cables, which are a bit thick. 

For sock knitting I've found that Knitpicks long circulars are by far my favorite choice of needle (even over other uber-expensive brands), so when I found out Knitpicks was offering a set of interchangeable needles, I considered selling my beloved Denise set and switching allegiances.

The only thing that has me hesitating about the Knitpicks set is that it only comes with four cables, and I usually have more than four projects going at once, meaning I'd most likely have to purchase an additional cable to handle my normal ambitious knitting schedule.  I like the fact that the cables offered are long ones, because I generally always do my circular knitting with one long cable looped on both ends.

(It occurs to me that I perhaps ought to do a tutorial on that method of knitting, which is extremely handy.  It also occurs to me that by this point in the post there is most likely no one reading who cares.)

The other thing that has me clinging to my Denise set?

Customer service. 

No matter what the reason, I can send my broken needles/cables back to the company, and for $1 they will replace them, no questions asked.