Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Outfits - Miss Boo

I decided to make her Easter dress using the same pattern as the other two dresses I made a few weeks ago.

There's something about the combination of cheery orange and blue fabric that I find so appealing after long dreary days of winter.

The orange fabric is a lovely batik hand-dyed cotton which contrasts so nicely with the blue and white.

I plan to make the boys matching ties out of the orange fabric.  Perhaps bow ties for the two little boys, and a regular long tie for the Big Boy?  Handyman flatly refused to wear an orange bow tie but said he'd wear a regular tie.

Perhaps he was afraid of being mistaken for Bozo the Clown.


Ellen said...

Love the fabric! So pretty. And what are you making yourself? ;)

Ellen said...

Oh oh if he reads this you are in so much trouble...

TuttleTime said...

I've been missing your blog posts. I have a ton of photos from when was up there. I will post them soon.

Love this dress. I love this color.

Rachel said...

That is FABULOUSLY beautiful!! I am so impressed!!!