Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My niece Michelle and my son Gabe have their birthdays only a few weeks apart.  Because we're going to be celebrating in a week with the rest of my family, we kept the excitement on the birth day down to a minimum.

(I wish I could completely claim this was true, but to be entirely honest, I was worn out and didn't feel like doing much.  Excuse me now while I wallow in guilt and feelings of total inadequacy.)

Not wanting to have nothing for my little man, I put together a quick quilt which I painstakingly pieced together from bits of fabric that I hand wove late into the night.

(Actually, no, I just purchased the top panel from JoAnn Fabrics and sewed fleece on the inside as batting and backed it with Gabe's favorite satin fabric in the color of his favorite "bwankie".)

Thankfully, he likes it.  Not as much as his regular "bwankie", but enough that if stanky bwankie needs a wash he can deal with the substitute without a total meltdown.

I also took a video of his birthday present from Oma and Opa, a neat little toy from the Cars movie.  (If you're viewing this post through Facebook, you need to click here to see the original post.  Also, you might want to pause the music on the right sidebar first before playing the two movie clips.)


Rachel said...

He's SOOOO precious!!!!

And that's an awesome quilt, by the way!