Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Dress

My adorable little niece Michelle turned 3 a few weeks ago, and it's become a bit of a tradition for her gift from me to be a dress that I've sewn just for her.

I've already made quite a few of these dresses, and it's become my favorite go-to design for a cute and quick summer dress.

My sister Angie likes hearts, so when I saw this fabric clearanced after Valentine's Day, I bought it in hopes that she would like the pattern.  (It's always SO difficult picking out designs for someone when your own taste is so radically different.  I personally detest hearts, but for my loved ones I'm willing to suffer.)

I don't line all the dresses I've made, but this one I decided to line, using plain cotton fabric from a sheet I got on sale from Goodwill.  (GREAT way to stock up on lining fabric.  There's just something that feels morally lacking about paying extra money for fabric with no pattern on it, ha ha!)

Happy birthday Michelle!


Ellen said...

So cute. Did Angie get one too? They always dress alike.