Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off to the Beach

At the end of May the kids and I were lucky enough to have been able to fly down to see my family in the Sunny South.

Despite the airport delays due to thunderstorms in our area, the flight went fairly well, and the kids were very, very good, for which I was supremely thankful.

I dressed them all in matching Aloha outfits so that if (Heaven forbid) one should wander off (not naming any names) it would be easier to spot them.

(This had the minor detraction that if one of them misbehaved I couldn't pretend they weren't with me.)

Soon after we got to our designated "camping site" on Hilton Head Island, the kids found a really neat place to torture try to catch fiddler crabs.

Peter especially loved it.  My big boy loves the freedom of exploring and finding interesting things.  Sometimes his imagination is annoying (because he's rarely in the present, which is inconvenient when I'm trying to tell him to put his shirt in his drawer and I later find it in the refrigerator, but anyway . . .), but at times like these, I'm so thankful for his adventurous and curious spirit.

My brother Nathan was also able to come, and I was so pleased and impressed with how cool he was to his nephews and niece.  I think there's something very special about a college kid being willing to spend time with little children and not being "too cool" to notice them.

Of course, at the first opportunity I had to try out the French Bakery.  I'm not sure how "French" it actually is, but let me say the cream cheese and passion fruit croissants were c'est magnifique.

When we got to the beach Peter was so excited that extemporaneous items of clothing went flying.  (Notice his shoe mid-air at the bottom of the photo . . .)

That's a picture of my dad heading toward the waves with Peter.

Something about the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves seems to lift a load off my shoulders that I didn't know was there before.  All of a sudden I'm once again 11 years old and I can climb huge banyan trees and spend all day playing (which is a total mental fabrication of epic proportions, but one cannot escape the memories of one's childhood.)

Despite Gabe's tendency to be wary around water, he didn't mind the beach at all and took to it like he was fully channeling his tiny bit of Hawaiian blood.

Miss Boo of course showed off her swimsuit modeling skills.  Someone make sure to dope me give me extra courage when she's a teenager.

I love seeing the ecstatic glee on my baby's face.  I can't help but smile like a fool myself.

Hmmm, perhaps I see now where Boo's modeling tendencies come from . . .  (sorry Dad, couldn't resist :)

Mum took some time to catch up on some reading and enjoy the bit of quiet while the rest of the hooligans family were swimming.

What a perfect way to start summer!


Renee said...

Looks a fabulous time! You are so brave to fly with 3 kids! :)

Rachel said...

That looks absolutely lovely!!! I'm also impressed at your flying with three kids. :)

TuttleTime said...

My cheeks hurt from smiling... I love this and the photos. Can't wait to make up the book. I couldn't tonight, because I am busy with work. Can't wait to be done! Great great pics. I love the ones with the kids at the beach.

Ellen said...

WHAT FUN! Love, love the pictures! So many memories made... the ocean makes me feel the same way -- always good for my soul. Looks like/sounds like you've had the most wonderful start to the summer.