Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sue's Socks

When we were in Michigan visiting my aunt and uncle, we stopped at a yarn store.  Some people visit monuments or national landmarks.  

I visit yarn stores.

Because I didn't have enough yarn (please insert heavy dose of sarcasm here) I purchased a skein (or two, I have voluntary fiber amnesia at the moment) of lovely alpaca sock yarn called Alpaca with a Twist

Because my Mum sells alpaca yarn, it felt a bit like committing yarn adultery, but I honestly had to say that Mum's yarn, while infinitely superior, alas does not have any nylon content and so isn't really the stuff to use for socks (at least not if you want to be able to wear the socks for more than once before they get holes.)

This is a pattern I made up and which I hope to eventually write down (in my spare time) and either put it up for sale or just have it out for free in my pattern shop.  I wasn't paying attention when I knit the second sock, and made the diagonals going the same direction as the first sock.  My intention was to have them going opposite directions, but perhaps my brain was traveling starboard and the socks went along for the ride.

Anyway, I got them done really fast (the pattern is lots of fun to knit; simple enough to do without paying too much attention, yet interesting enough to keep one going.)  It's already packaged up along with a bag of chocolate chip cookies as a thank you gift for my Aunt and Uncle.

"Thank you gift" sounds much nicer than "bribery to let us come back next year and destroy their house visit".

Ha ha, not really, because Paul and Sue are extremely generous and hospitable, but it does help assuage my guilt for all the plants I got and the stuff the kids broke as well as any lingering mental trauma!


Michelle said...

Your socks are absolutely gorgeous -- I like them both spiralling the same direction.

TuttleTime said...

I would take your socks and choc chip cookies as a consolation / bribe! :)