Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Week at the Monastery

My Opa was diagnosed with stage four bone cancer not too long ago, so I was very happy when I had the opportunity to fly down and spend a week with my Opa and Oma (without kids, skip skip, joy joy!).

It's been over seven years since was at the Monastery during blue berry picking season, so I tried to make up for it by picking as many blueberries as I could.

Life at the Monastery is very slow.

Slow can be very nice.

We took long swims in the lake,

spent an inordinate amount of time discussing plants,

and speculated on the whereabouts of a pesky beaver.

There were spa treatments,

and practical jokes.

(I have photographic proof that my love of practical jokes is genetic.)

It's always hard leaving the Monastery for the hectic pace here in the Frigid North!


Ellen said...

What a nice visit. So glad you got the time w/ your grandparents and could enjoy a little peace and quiet. ;) I can see why it would have been hard to leave.

TuttleTime said...

I love this...Yes, your sense of humor was definitely inherited. :)