Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Oma!

I was going to gift this cardigan to my Oma for Christmas, but since I was down there so close to her birthday, I decided to just give it to her early.  The Monastery is located in the Sunny South, so she most likely won't be able to wear it for another few months, but at least she has it and can look at it before then!

The pattern is February Lady, which is lovely to knit and a great project for it's fit.  It's knit from the top down, so the length can be adjusted and tried on as it's worked.  Best yet, it's free!

The buttons are (in my opinion) rather cool, because they're made from recycled plastic but they feel like wood. 

The yarn is heathered and has a lot of subtle color variations, and if you look closesly there are bits of green in it.  Knowing my Oma likes to wear green a lot, I went with these buttons rather than the obvious brown choice.

 It looks great on her!

She even modeled it with her usual finesse and grace. (I'll leave it up to you to figure out where the sarcasm comes into that statement.  And no, it isn't an arthritic condition that is causing that particular gesture.  That's just natural Oma, ha ha!)