Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Lego Maniac

 Any of you remember that song from the 80's TV Lego commercial that went something like, "Zach, zach, he's a Lego maniac . . ."?  I just remember that the kid actor had really cool (in my 8 year old opinion) spikey hair and an awesome denim jacket with denim jeans tightly rolled around his ankles in pure 80's fashion.  8 year old me thought he was so cute.

I've since changed my mind.  I have someone much more cute to watch now.

My little Lego Maniac.  The boy lives, eats, and breathes Legos.  

Banning him from his Legos is the single best incentive to get him to be nice to his sister.


Anonymous said...

I bet if Banna and Peter have to clean up the legos, Banna doesn't scoop half of them into the bucket and say "You can get the other half" leaving Peter to get the small, hard to get scattered pieces.... just saying.... :)


Rachel said...

He and Ali would get along famously. She and her Daddy are total maniacs.