Monday, September 12, 2011

Well. Hmmm.

Because I couldn't think of a better title.

Because right now my ankles are swollen and resemble Hobbit feet (minus the hair, thank goodness!) and I don't feel like sitting at the desk and typing too much.

Because I'm having trouble breathing because I need bigger pants with lovely stretchy elastic sewn in.

Because I'd planned to announce this in a much more dramatic fashion, but oh well, my energy and creative levels have deserted me.

Because I'm growing another person which (I estimate) will make her/his grand appearance sometime in April.  Or May.  Or perhaps March.

(I'm not good at figuring dates.  That's what my midwife is for, as well as other very useful things.)

Because I'm pregnant, and life is lovely!


Acornbud said...

Congrats! Hope all is going well.

TuttleTime said...

I LOVE the reference to the Hobbit / LOTR...Hobbit feet minus the hair. Tooo funny as usual. :) I am glad I stopped by your blog to see this. I was really stopping through to find a most recent pic of Miss Boo. :) I made her a cool card. Pls don't let her see it, but I am featuring it on my blog. I will mail it next week. :)

Renee said...

Wow!!! Congrats to you!!! My Davis is turning one next week! Can't wait to hear more about this next little addition to the clan!

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw your comment - whaaaat?? Congratulations!! How exciting!!!

Twinmama said...

Wow, how fun! Congrats! Looking forward to reading the progress on this new little one!