Monday, September 26, 2011

You say Potato, I say Oh Goodie!

Last year our potato growing efforts were a bit of a disaster (lots of work that equaled one measley bucket of tiny potatoes), but this year Handyman was very pleased (and very smug) to show me that he could grow a decent crop of potatoes.

Peter was a big help with pulling the potatoes out of the ground.  Gabe and Miss Boo were also supposed to help, supposed to being the operative words.

Handyman and I have visions of creating our own child labor force right here in the Frigid North.  Yup.  We pay in ice cream sandwiches.

So far we haven't had any complaints from the employees.


Anonymous said...

Poh-tay-toes! Cook 'em skin 'em put 'em in a stew!