Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Surprise Party

My dear friend Nikki recently celebrated her birthday, and some of us got together and threw her a surprise party.  To be honest, my part in it really only consisted of picking her up and trying to keep it a secret.  Our friend Esther did most of the work of planning.

Well, on second thought, Nikki did a lot of work too, because she unknowingly made her own birthday cake. 

Esther ingeniously told Nikki that she needed to order a cake for "a friend who loves gnomes".  Nikki also loves gnomes.

Really, she does.  She's defending the gnome, not trying to hack him into tiny pieces.


Happy birthday dear friend!


Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

That is the Cah-utest cake!!! Love it!! Hilarious that she ended up making her own cake unknowingly!! Looks like a great time!

TuttleTime said...

How neat!!! I love that cake!!!!

Ellen said...

I am totally loving the cake! It's awesome. How funny that she made her own cake... she didn't even once think something was "funny" about the situation? ;)