Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Windy City

My sister Lynn and her husband were in the Windy City recently for a work conference, and I couldn't believe my luck when the stars were perfectly aligned and I was able to slip away to join them for the day!

We ate lunch at a really cool restaurant on the Magnificent Mile.  The architecture and decorations were so interesting, and the food was even better.  I've been craving Malasadas, a tasty donut-like treat I had as a kid in Hawaii, and you can imagine how ecstatic (*cough cough* delirious with joy) I was to find out that beignets taste JUST like malasadas!!!

Lynn wanted to pick out a birthday gift for Miss Boo, so we stopped by the American Doll store.  She found her personal doll there! 

(With the exception that a true "Lynn doll" would sport a fierce expression portraying a "I-will-wack-this-tennis-ball-down-your-esophagus")

After some window shopping, we stopped at a Lush store, where I found a new addiction.  It looked like a candy store, but instead of candy (which I don't like) it was all handmade soaps and lotions (which I do like).  They gave free samples . . .

After our shopping we headed back to Lynn's hotel room for a brief rest/snooze, and then we went to dinner at the new Michael Jordan Grill.  I found the architecture fascinating.  It was a weird mix of Neo-classical Saxon art. (I think I spent most of my day in Chicago looking up).

The food was amazing.

My steak was like butter, it was so moist and juicy.  I was a very, very good girl and saved some for Handyman.

After that I had to catch the bus to head back home.  What a great day in the Windy City!