Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fingerless Mittens

These are fingerless gloves that I knitted for my friend Nikki's birthday party.  Well, actually, at the time I'd only gotten one glove done so she was a bit flummoxed to find only one glove in the bag when she has two hands, but I explained that I was working on the other one.

(Knitters work off of a completely different time table.  It has something to do with alternate realities and wormholes and spacial distortion.  Just take my word for it.)

I love the way the thumb gusset grows out of the knitting around the palm.  I know it officially proclaims my status as Dork, but I just find a well-knitted gusset fascinating.

(Plus it's just fun to say "gusset".  And "schappes". And "smock".)

I'll shut up now.