Sunday, December 18, 2011


 . . . Christmas gifts done and wrapped!

First up are some dishcloths.  I know they're rather provincial, but when it comes to downright practicality you can't much beat a hand knit dishcloth. 
(Pattern is called "Granny's Favorite", and I alternated solid 
cotton yarn with a variegated skein every other row.)

They're indestructible, pretty, and really help brighten the experience of dealing with disgusting dirty dishes.

Next up is another pair of fingerless mittens.  Seriously, if you haven't tried a pair on, you really must.  We live in the Frigid North, but even up here these babies do a great job of keeping your hands (and even fingers!) warm while allowing use of your digits.

 This pattern has ribbing all the way up that make it fit nice and snug, so it can fit a lot of different hand sizes.

Best yet, it doesn't use a lot of yarn so it's a great worsted weight project to finish off that ball of heathered black yarn that's been languishing in the ol' stash.

Finally, I have another scarf.  Pretty wild, huh?!

I have to tell you, while I was knitting this I felt pretty psychedelic and "far out".   These are not my colors at all, so this was an interesting experience.  The yarn was difficult to work with but the finished product is lovely and sproingy (yes, that's an official knitting term.  It's self explanatory).  Wearing it is a bit like being hugged by an enormous squishy bath toy.

The pattern is called Dropped Stitch Scarf and is nice because it doesn't matter which side you look at.  A lot of knitted scarves have a "right" and "wrong" side, which bugs me, because scarves tend to flop every which way without regard to fashion sense or latent OCD tendencies.

Okay, now time to get them in the mail!


Angie T. said...

MYYYY scarf is amazing. I LOVE it. :) Caleb loves his fingerless mittens too. if he can keep up with them..he looses stuff all the time.