Friday, December 23, 2011

Mitered Drape Vest #2

I made this vest for my Mum awhile ago, and I thought another one might make a nice Christmas present for my sister Angie.

(Sorry for the blurry photos.  I tried taking pictures with my camera's timer, but I suppose the camera kept wobbling after I pushed the button . . .)

It's the Mitered Drape Vest by Jane Slicer-Smith, and is one of those weird knits that are extremely simple to make, yet when you're doing it the first time it seems to make no sense whatsoever.  All those boring knit and purl squares made for the perfect knitting-during-church project.

(Yes, I knit during church.  The pastor and I have an understanding about this and everyone else in our congregation is already fully aware of my eccentricities.)

I knit this with some absolutely lovely 100% bamboo yarn that draped perfectly for this sort of project.  I was seriously considering keeping it for myself, ha ha! So soft and, well, drapey!

Send me a picture sometime Angie! 
(If you're interested in the knitterly details, see my Ravelry Page here.)


Angie T. said...

Mom was able to get one on NYE...I kept forgetting. Always behind the camera.

Angie T. said...

i love it, by the way...