Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two More

 . . . finished projects.

(Only on a knitting blog do you see so many feet photographs.)

This is one of my own patterns that I wrote this summer, but still haven't gotten around to publishing yet.  It's basically a spiraling lace sock with a picot cuff.  The pattern is really easy, but writing it in a way that makes sense isn't quite so simple. 

The yarn (Koigu KPPPM) is wonderful for socks, except that I was very perturbed to find at least 4 or 5 breaks in the yarn in each skein!  When the cost of each skein is around $10 (it takes 2 skeins to knit a pair of socks if you're the average person with two feet), I think it's ridiculous to have to take the time to splice the yarn back together.  I have to admit I felt very cheated by the yarn company.

Second up is a hat I made for my Dad's birthday, but which I am very bummed to realize now is too small.   

(Ha ha, my dad has an ENORMOUS head, something I took into consideration when knitting the hat, but apparently the amount of yarn I had to work with didn't seem to care about the proportions of my father's cranium.)

The pattern is Koolhaas, a lovely twisting thing, and I knit it out of the most deliciously soft skein of Malabrigo yarn. 

Oh well, I suppose I will have to knit another one.  It's just that it seem so wrong to have to knit the same thing twice.  The impatient soul in me balks at covering the same ground (or yarn) twice.

Drat.  Drat

Drat.  Drat.


craftyhoneybee said...

Oh, I hear you on the Noro!

While their colorways are amazing, the number of knots and breaks in the skeins is a real pain in the neck.

Angie T. said...

Hmm.. I think it'd fit me. LOL :) love it.