Monday, January 2, 2012

Peter's Party

Peter and his best buddy Gavin turned 8 this year (whoops, past year!), and so they had a combined birthday party with a Lego theme.

The party invitations were a wonderful PDF purchase from Living Locurto.  My printer was acting up and the colors weren't coming out true, so we spent a little more getting the pages professionally printed at Staples Printing Online (which we then picked up in the store the next day).

While we waited for everyone to arrive, the kids played with the extra balloons.  Why is it that you can buy the most expensive toys for your kids, but when it comes to pure fun nothing beats bashing each other over the head with a 10 cent balloon?

Gavin's mom, Brianna, decorated the cupcakes.  Didn't she do an amazing job with the swirl and matching the colors?  My cupcakes always tend to look like a bird squatted on them.  I just don't have the patience for such detailed work (and I don't care for cupcakes, which is probably the bigger problem.)

Yes, I know, I'm insane.

Peter obviously doesn't take after his mother in this respect.
(His shirt says, "Survival Tip #1: Never leave uneaten s'mores uneaten".)
After eating the cupcakes and goodies the two boys opened their presents.

(Pretty much every picture I have of my son is blurred.  I don't think he stopped moving for 12 hours straight.)

After the gifts were all opened the kids changed into their swimsuits.  Only in the Frigid North will you see a child in a swimsuit and a polar jacket. 

I have a theory that the farther one gets away from the equator the more one's brain begins to . . . oh never mind.

I am SOOOOOO GLAD that Handyman, Gavin's dad, and one of the other dads stayed during the party. 

The. Pool. Was. CRAZY.

What did Brianna, her sweet twins, and I do while 8 year-old boys were being flung across the pool by their fathers? 

We looked on in amazement.  Despite what modern thinking would tell us, there is a definite difference between the genders.

Finally, after a few hours and the boys were tired (well, truthfully the dads were tired and the boys were starting to look a bit wrinkled), we got them all toweled off and back into their dry clothes. 

For party favors Peter had collected a small handful of random Legos from his stash.  I also purchased some cheese sticks and crackers as I figured the kids would be hungry after swimming.  The bags were just clear party bags from Wal-mart, and then I printed out the napkin rings from the PDF and stapled them across the tops of the bags. 



Angie T. said...

Party looked noisy and fun!!! :) Great job, Momma!