Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Fun with Freezer Paper Stencils

My sister Lynn  and her husband Rob are avid tennis players, so for Christmas presents for them I decided to design matching tee shirts using my favorite freezer paper stencil technique.

(Special kudos to my other sister, Angie, for helping me come up with the motto on the shirt!)

One of the things I like to do when using F.P. Stencils is to add texture with fabric or sewing. On these shirts, for instance, I bought some cool fabric with sequins, and (after cutting out the font) did an iron-on applique with double sided applique backing.

(Cutting out the letters can be a rather tedious process if you don't have a Cricut or Silhouette to do it for you.  However, if you do it by hand, first print out your font onto regular computer paper, iron the double sided fabric backing onto your fabric, tape the computer paper onto the fabric with scotch tape, and cut away!  I use a lot of Scotch tape to help the letters stay on the fabric while I'm cutting.  It's easy to remove later.)

Basically, I made the tennis ball first by using a dessert plate to trace a circle onto freezer paper.  After the yellow/green circle was dry, I made the white stripes by again tracing strips (from the edge of the circle) and doing three applications of white paint.  After that, I added the words "of the court" using more freezer paper and paint.

The crowns were images that I Googled and printed out onto computer paper (after blowing them up to the size I wanted.)  I then taped them onto freezer paper and painted on the gold parts first, then did the colored sections.  Finally, I outlined the crown with black puffy paint and added a few "dollops" of shimmery paint for "jewels".