Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ballerina Boo


My little Miss Boo had her ballet recital in December. There's something so endearing about seeing your tiny baby girl prancing around in a pink tutu and wearing an enormous flower on her head.

It almost makes me believe that someday she will grow up into a lovely young woman.

(It's a good thing she's got a few years to work on it.)

Her teachers had all the students put on a rendition of The Nutcracker and did a very good job, in my opinion.  Miss Boo and the other girls in her class were the Bon Bons.  (This, of course, led to lots of variations on her knickname such as Banna Bon Bon, and Bon Bonna Boo).

I feel that it's important to emphasize how special these sorts of things are, so I always make sure to nag Handyman to get flowers.  (I say nag, but I have a feeling he would do it anyway.  He loves getting her flowers.) 

I think the flowers from her daddy are her favorite part of the recital!