Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Renovating Project: Attic Edition

We have been renovating our house since we moved into it 9 winters ago (yes, I count my time here in the Frigid North by the number of winters I have suffered through), and we aren't done with the work yet.

The way I figure it, when we finally get done, we'll have to start all over again because by that point the kids will have completely destroyed whatever it was we first did anyway.

Our house is a lovely 100-year old Victorian with lots of interesting nooks and crannies, but not a lot of open space.  The kids don't have a designated play room other than their bedrooms (which are rather cramped), so a few weeks ago Handyman began working on refinishing our attic.

I think my gradually increasing levels of hysteria and spastic eye-twitches convinced Handyman that Mom. Needs. A. Space. To. Lock. The. Children.

- preferably as far away from her as she can get them, hence, the attic.

(Unfortunately DCFS won't let us use the roof for this purpose, although I've tried that in the past.)

One of the wonderful things about our attic is that there are real stairs, not those horribly rickety ladders that are so often found in attics.
(Sorry for the blurry photo, but that's the stairwell, which is steep, but at least they're permanent.)

The walls, which are in reality the ceiling, go all the way to the floor, but Handyman has framed a 3 foot vertical wall around three sides of the room so that we can fit some much-needed storage behind the walls.

We will not comment on what is taking up most of the storage space.  We will refrain from any and all snarky comments.
(Long ago I took the precaution of labeling my yarn bins "Clothes" on the off chance that we would refinish the attic and my man would be poking about near my stash.  Handyman thinks I have lots and lots of clothes in storage.  It's not a lie, it's positive thinking.)

He also very cleverly made sure to install lights behind the framing so that I would be able to get stuff out without having to wield a flashlight while crawling through our junk belongings.

We were hoping to also install skylights, but unfortunately the cost is too prohibitive at this time, so we'll just have to put that off till later.  At least there is a small window (that cannot open) that lets in a bit of natural light.  I love the dormer that is framed over it.  I have all sorts of ideas of turning it into a "play house" for the kids.

He's already gotten the insulation in place, and has begun the tedious work with the drywall.

Thankfully, I know a way to help him stay motivated . . . .

(No, not that.  I meant beer.)