Monday, February 13, 2012

Miss Boo's Valentine's Date with Daddy

Poor little Miss Boo.  For weeks she has looked forward to going to the annual Candyland Ball with her Daddy.

In our region, the Candyland Ball is a father/daughter event that makes little girls' hearts go pitter-patter and father's hearts freeze with horror.

(This is because, despite the elegant sounding name, the music at the "ball" isn't classical or even remotely tasteful, rather it is an obnoxiously loud blast of Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber songs.  A mob of little girls dance in the center of the room while the poor beleaguered fathers huddle around the edges of the floor counting down the minutes until they can get home to safety and a stout beer.

Anyway, getting back to Miss Boo . . . .

Ah yes, she and I went to JoAnn Fabrics where she deliberated over exactly which shade of satin pink her dress would be sewn from.  She squealed with delight when she found some sparkly silver fabric that I could layer over a "twirly" dress.

Every time I sat down to rest I could see her eying me as though she was dying to ask me to "get off my bum and finish sewing her ball gown."
(The flash makes it difficult to see, but this is the back of the dress with the silver sash tied in a bow)
Today is the day of the dance.  This morning she woke up and picked out her favorite pair of earrings and necklace from my own collection of jewelry.  She polished them with a tooth brush to get them to "sparkle like her dress".

Then, to our horror, we got the call from Daddy.  He had just found out that the tickets for the ball were all sold out.

Poor Miss Boo.  Poor Handyman.

He. Felt. Terrible.

To try to make it up to her, he told her he would take her out to dinner on a special Valentine's Day date to the nicest restaurant in our town.

So, at 5:00, my little diva was dressed in her finest and ready to go out with her daddy, and she didn't seem to mind at all that she wasn't going to go to the ball.  It was endearingly hilarious the way she insisted that I "announce her appearance" when she came down the stairs, and of course Handyman responded in the proper manner with suitable "Ooh's" and "Aaah's" as she swirled her sparkly dress.

Later she told me (in her usual overly-dramatic style) that she ate at a table "with CANDLES!!!" and had "SUPER HUMUNGOUS SHRIMP!!!" and a "HUGE GIGANTIC COOKIE WITH WHIPPED CREAM!!!!" for dessert.

Daddy saved the day.

Even better yet?  He promised her he would take her to the Bunny Ball in May in a nearby town, so he still has to suffer through a ball.
Heh heh.