Sunday, February 12, 2012

So Much For That Idea . . .

After the mad rush of Christmas knitting I'm always hit with a bad bug of Starter-itis (the manic and over-whelming desire for a knitter to start at least twenty projects at once), and one thing I wanted to knit for myself was a nice comfy pair of fair isle socks.

I currently am in love with the color orange, so I envisioned using up this lovely skein of orangey-red goodness (it even has SPARKLES in it, squeal!)

I found this sock pattern I wanted to knit, and so I downloaded it and got myself a nice hot cup of tea and sat down for an enjoyable knit.  

Or so I thought.

I happily cast on, and after about an hour and a half of knitting, the uncomfortable but undeniable truth started to hit me.  

My color combination just wasn't going to work.  Drat.  The white isn't enough of a contrast with the paler orange parts to make the pattern pop, and there's not much point in going to all the work of knitting something Fair Isle if you can't even see the pattern clearly.