Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peter and Gabe have been sharing a room for the past several months, because Boo and Baby Ella will share the nursery room.

Peter likes dinosaurs (and bugs, and snakes, and insects, and other disgusting crawly things) and Gabe likes cars, so I decided to be diplomatic and decorate their room in neither theme.

(It's my house.  They just happen to live here too.)

Several years ago my parents gifted us with a beautiful hand made Hawaiian alphabet quilt that has been hanging on the wall ever since, and I decided to decorate around that theme.
(It's not in Boo's room, but she insisted on being in the picture.)

The walls are already a pale green, so I began by adding some vintage Hawaiian prints.  I went on Ebay and purchased a calendar with the prints and then just cut them out and put them in Dollar Store frames that I first painted a matching white with the trim and dresser.
  (Sorry for the flash glare.  There's only one window and when I took the photos the sun wasn't shining on that side of the house for enough natural light.)

Speaking of window, I found a garland of fairly realistic hibiscus flowers that I draped over the shade.  My  horticultural leanings scream that hibiscus grow in shrub form and not as a vine, but I'm resolutely ignoring my inner voices.  Perhaps it could be a sort of "lei".  This is a Hawaiian room, after all.

Also courtesy of the Dollar Tree I found some fun surf board wall hangings.  Thanks to Handyman's Staples addiction we always have a hefty supply of multi-colored markers (the illicit artwork on our walls can attest to this).  I used the markers to color the palm tree and gecko, and also to add the boys' names and a blue dashed border around the surf board.

Last year I sewed matching quilts for the bunk beds with some Aloha print quilting squares.  (Hmm, I wonder if I ever blogged about that?)

Being boys, their beds are almost never fixed, but on the rare occasion that they are fixed I have a Hawaiian Quilt accent pillow I picked up in Hawaii the last time I was there.

Gabe doesn't have an accent pillow, but I figured it was very suitable (and in keeping with the room's theme) for him to keep his stuffed toy Stitch on his bed.  After all, Lilo and Stitch is cartoon set in The Islands, and Gabe and Stitch share many of the same qualities (like an inherent ability to get into trouble and a remarkable affinity for escaping).

Peter is very happy with his new dresser.  This has less to do with the extra drawer space and more to do with the added height (meaning he has a better chance of keeping his stuff away from Gabe).

The room could really do with another coat of paint.  The walls are heavily chipped in some areas (BOYS!!) and thanks to Gabe's sleeping on the top bunk, the ceiling is liberally streaked with pen marks.  However, that will most likely have to wait until this summer when I have the energy (and physical flexibility) to get to it.


Nana Im said...

Hi, I just googled hawaiian alphabet quilt and found your blog. I have a similar quilt that you posted and I was wondering if you knew what the picture of the "Q" and "I" are supposed to be of. Thanks.