Thursday, April 5, 2012

Increasing the Square Footage

Heh, I bet you thought I was going to write about my increasing square footage.  You can keep your thoughts to yourself. 

Don't mess with a pregnant woman.  It's dangerous to your health.

Anyway, Handyman was working out in the country a few days ago when he saw a sign listing a wooden playground for sale for $50.  He decided to get it to add to the wooden play set the kids already had.

It was quite an adventure putting it together.  Obviously the two sets weren't made to go together, so it took a little figuring and planning to decide how best to assemble the disparate bits and pieces.

Miss Boo was especially excited about the three additional swings.  The old set only had one swing which wasn't capable of swinging very far, and since birth that child has had a fondness for swings surpassed only by her love of fashion.
(I absolutely LOVE this photo.  She looks so tiny next to Handyman, yet so determined to be of help.)

Peter had fun using Daddy's tools.  I have a theory about men and tools.  Men will do any chore no matter how menial if an interesting tool is involved.

Gabe wasn't much help but he got a lot of enjoyment out of getting in the way and digging holes in the ground for Handyman to trip in.

*Sigh* The child never puts his shoes on the correct feet.

It was such a gorgeous day, I have to share a picture of my apple blossoms.  This is especially true as within a few days there won't be any apple blossoms left below four feet, as my kids will strip the tree in their efforts to "forage for sustenance".

Exciting times!