Monday, June 25, 2012

Artistic Uncles

My two Uncles are both very talented, and I am so blessed to have a beautiful original painting from each of them.
(Sorry about the blurry photo.  I hate my current camera, which I've started calling Beelzebub. I also had to angle the shot so that the glare wouldn't obscure the photo.)

This one is a watercolor (I think) from my mischievous Uncle Gary. 

Uncle Gary tends to cycle through different artistic binges, and he made this for Handyman and I when he was on his painting mania.  (Hint hint, perhaps this blog post will re-awaken his painterly cravings?)

I really love how it captures a typical Midwest winter scene.  This is especially true as there are no people in the scene, and in my mind, no one sane is outside during our Frigid Midwestern winters.

Handyman made the frame from some old barn wood, which compliments the painting perfectly.

This second painting is very recent and a gift from my Uncle Paul.

He made it while on Saba and convalescing from a broken leg.  While I'm very sorry for his leg, I am NOT sorry for the wonderful things he made while recovering!

He asked me what I might like him to paint, and I told him that I really love Hibiscus flowers.  He composed this oil painting by placing two hibiscus flowers on his wet suit to create the black background!  I just love how vibrant the colors look.  Unfortunately my camera abilities preclude this, but when the painting is on the wall it almost seems three dimensional.

As someone who makes a lot of handmade things, I treasure the handmade gifts from others, and these two paintings are top of the list!


Merry said...

Beautiful! But I had to giggle--the uncle with the HOSE is the one who did the WATER color?!!

Flipfloppingmamma said...

That's MY farm scene watercolor. Someday you are going to figure out that I love it more and NEED it! ;)